This course contains files to suppliment the Keystone Finish Line workbook.  There are hyperlinks to Study island and "Crash Course Biology" videos at the end of each slide show unit as a means of reviewing the content.

This area allows any potential enrollees to view the course curriculum and preview selected materials students will be exposed to in the actual course.

Marine ecology will be the focus of this course. This is an on-line, independent study course with exams proctored by the instructor. Individuals taking this course will need to be self motivated, as the content is self paced and will be completed independently without direct instruction. Deadlines for units will be established by the instructor and these will be expected to be met. The instructor will communicate with students via e-mail and personal contacts outside of the traditional class. Activities will include hands-on independent labs, written reports and papers. Topics will include the marine environment, plankton, nekton, benthos, deep sea ecology, coral reef ecology and intertidal ecology. Students will need high speed Internet access (DSL or better), Microsoft Word and Excel, a free 6 month trial download of Mini-tab is also suggested. All on-line readings, activities and labs are required for successful completion. Unit exams will be proctored. Students should expect to spend a minimum of 120 hours through the course.